Justine Fox-Young, Attorney at Law


Justine Fox-Young practices in the areas of general civil litigation, criminal defense, civil rights law, voting rights law, employment law, business law, government contracting, and also works as outside corporate general counsel.




Recent Reported Cases:

Fleming v. Gutierrez, 785 F.3d 442 (10th Cir.2015) (voters brought § 1983 action against Sandoval county, alleging equal protection and due process violations arising out of county's election procedures, and moved for a preliminary injunction requiring county to adhere to new regulations increasing resources for the next election. The United States District Court for the District of New Mexico granted voters' motion, and the county appealed. The Tenth Circuit held that the county's appeal was rendered moot by passage of election and effective time period of preliminary injunction)

United States v. Reese, 2014-NMSC-013 (held that a defendant's civil rights, including the right to vote, were restored following his satisfaction of conditions of deferment and dismissal of all charges, meaning that he could legally possess a firearm)

United States v. Tapaha, 2018 WL 2647028 (10th Circuit, June 5, 2018): (Rejecting Ms. Tapaha’s claim that the district court infringed on her right to present a defense)